The styling of the dramatic beauty Black metal jewellery

Its something the world used to wear over years since civilization started. People wore jewellery out of bones, flowers, and anything they felt like they could be adorned with. It was worn by men, women, children Old or young. They expressed their personality through jewellery. All pieces were made by them with their own creativity and personality.

Jewellery are pieces of quirkiness that adds up to an individuals beauty.

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As years flew by and people evolved, they started to make jewellery as products sold in markets, many more materials were used like metals, wood etc.

Now we make jewellery out of anything and most of us love to wear them, some are minimal pieces, some are chunky and boho, some are classic pieces, some are timeless, some are just fashion pieces, and more.

Todays its of the jewellery we are going to see, Black metal jewellery.

Black metal jewellery is made of different types of safe metals to make the jewellery and to achieve such a colour of blackish silver. It can be worn by anyone with anything in the style they prefer according to their touch of personality in it.

Lets dive in to see briefly about styling them.
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Lets talk styling: Woman The classic:
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Take your black metal jewellery and style it up with any traditional wear like saree, salwar, palazzo and Kurtis, lehengas and more A chain that you love that can be a choker, necklace, few bangles if you love those cling-clings, and favourite jhumkas to go along.

Tip: Try to avoid huge jhumkas and chunky neckpieces if you have a smaller face, or if you feel the jewellery is dominating, wear either one that you like.

The fusion:
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Fusion can be anything from wearing a lehenga with shirts or turtle neck tops, saree with shirts, tops, or kurtis,jeans with kurti, skirt and tops, and more black metal jewellery would take the look to the next level.

Tip: Try layering the jewellery if you love more bohemian fashion.

Lets talk styling: Men and anyone who loves silver jewellery The western:
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Wear your favourite pieces of jewellery with your favourite shirts, t-shirts and shorts, flaunt yourself. Black metal jewellery can be worn as a minimal part of your look or you can stack them as you like to as bracelets or chains.

The fusion:

Wear your jewellery with fusion clothes like kurti and saree draped, or kurti and lungi pants, shirts with buttons down along with few stacks of neck pieces, and what your heart feels to wear drop some sparkles everywhere you go with your jewellery.

Try accessorising with rings and bracelet for subtle look, or even wear necklace and studs for more a boho look

Years back, jewellery had been both for women and men if you go research in history, but as we evolved, we began to create a stereotype behind jewellery, and now again we have come to an era where men and many others who love jewellery are just styling it up as cool as ever.

Jewellery isnt something specific for a particular gender, it's for anyone and everyone who loves jewellery and styling, nothing makes them look bad when they style in the way they want to.

Every person who loves jewellery can wear it with pride and feel the royalty in them.

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