Iconic Jewellery: A woman should surely owe!


Women are fond of every kind of jewellery and especially diamonds. A woman always says there is a shortage of jewellery as they tend to buy new often. More often, our mothers have some beautiful ornaments with them, we always prefer something different. In her everyday life, a woman should always have jewellery that is of heavy metal or designed jewellery. Jewellery pieces are important as they come in hand and are easy to wear to have an elegant and chic look.

Jewellery is a true asset in a woman's life. In this article, we will go through traditional to modern jewellery in a womens life

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Importance of Jewellery in womens life

There is always a tradition in Indian families to preserve jewellery from generation to generation. The modern woman while wearing something on any occasion prefers to wear jewellery that has a traditional look along with modern touch in it. Women always invest in jewellery and preserve them as they think jewellery is the only real investment a woman does in her entire life.

Currently, women are multi-taskers rather than only being homemakers. They prefer to wear delicate and light jewellery that doesnt feel heavy to wear in routine life. The occasional jewellery has also now been customised as per womens needs and most women prefer to wear unique jewellery.

Iconic Jewellery women should surely own

In this article, you will go through some traditional jewellery along with jewellery that has a modern touch. Some are real assets while some are heavy due to their brand and stylish look

Stylish Silver

Silver has marked its value nowadays as they are available in many qualities such as sterling silver, German silver and. These silver pieces are beautifully designed and may cost more than imitation jewellery yet are worth. Bhama emporio has silver jewellery pieces that are available in head to toe jewellery.

A classic strand of Pearl/ beads

Pearl is available in precious and semi-precious stones. They give an elegant look. Pearls do come studded in a long necklace or collar that is just an attractive look while worn by a bride at her reception party. Pearl earrings come in long-form to small buds that suit any western clothing.

A stylish finger ring

Finger rings are more special to women . women carry more finger rings that will go stunning to all the outfits . We have an astonishing finger rings collection . They are available in silver or imitation jewellery such as American diamonds, matt 1gram gold.

Solitaire jewellery

Solitaire jewellery complete a woman's wardrobe. The sparkling chic round cut cluster jewellery add shine that suits any outfit. It should be especially of any woman to have at least one signature piece of her own that makes her stand out in any occasion. We have Swarovski solitaire stunning solitaire studs and more collections.

A delicate bracelet

A delicate bracelet is always in the hands of a woman in their routine life, who doesnt prefer bangles. A delicate bracelet with flowers and chains makes the wrist of a woman complete. A healthy wrist when tied up with an ornate piece of the unique bracelet makes the hands look something different. The outfit glamour more just because of the unique bracelet.

A gold ruby necklace

A classic necklace whether it can be with a pendant or with pendant perfect on any outfit instantly. When diamonds are added to any metal they sparkle with an extra shine that looks perfect.Bhama Emporio offers necklaces with a variety of ganga jamuna, geru, gold, Rhodium, Rose Gold etc.

A sophisticated pair of hoops

Simple hoops earrings look stunning when worn or a delicate dress or a smart blazer. Hope earring have its own style that cant be compared. Hoops are available in large emitted gold or small paved design.These hoops come in a variety of gold such as white, yellow or rose gold colour. Hope earring have its

A stylish watch

There is a different community of watch lovers. The watch comes in different styles that fit different outfits. Branded watches usually come in precious metals that are quite costly and sometimes studded with solitaires and gems.


Whether it's traditional or modern, jewellery is the dream of almost every woman. Women are the happiest whenever they are gifted with sophisticated jewellery. Every woman is fond of different jewellery to wear and collect whether it's a necklace or bangles.

BhamaEmporio has a beautiful collection of traditional to modern wear. They are purely made in rich quality that makes customers different from any other wherever they wear. The pieces of jewellery are specially designed and customised in accordance with ongoing trends. They have 1 gram gold that comes in bridal set or for any occasion.BhamaEmporio has ample of jewellery collection that suits any women in Bajuband, Bangles, bracelets, ear chain, chockers, earrings, finger ring, hair clips, haram, kada, locket, maangtika, nath, anklets, vaddanam, jada billalu etc.