Bridal Bangles: Shining through the Ages in Indian Weddings


Wearing bangles for a bride on her D day is as important, just as kajal is for makeup on every occasion. Both makeup kits and brides are incomplete without these essentials. The bride is considered to be complete if wearing bangles that incorporate the word- SolahShringar. Bangles play a vital role in married Indian attire. Bangles are also addressed as Choodis, Bangdya, and Kangans as per Hindu traditions in different states. It is not good for an Indian woman to leave her hands bare after marriage.

Significance of Bridal Bangles

Bangles have different significance in different communities and every colour of Bangles has a varied meaning. For example, red is for energy, blue is for wisdom, green stands for good luck, and yellow stands for happiness. The tradition starts with the brides friends and family members on the day of Mehendi after the Mehendi is applied and helps the bride to put on the bangles that vary in thickness and vivid colours. Some brides continue to wear the bangles so that good luck and wealth come to the family she is going to stay with.

These bridal bangles come in the form of metals as well as non-metals that include the lac, ivory, mud, glass, copper, bronze, shell, stones, etc. These designs have been continued from ancient times and have been found in several archaeological billets in India.

Jewellery is a true asset in a woman's life. In this article, we will go through traditional to modern jewellery in a womens life

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For How Long Should The Wedding Bangles Be Worn?

As per tradition in different cultures, brides are supposed to wear them for a minimum of 40 days or can continue for one and a half years. In some communities, they can also be worn for 15 days. Usually, the bangles are large in size as the time period of wearing them is longer

Types of Bangles worn by Indian brides

Presently, there are a variety of bangles in the Indian bridal collection. They can be chosen in the form of gold, platinum, silver, etc., and come studded with different gems, precious/non-precious and semi-precious stones. The bangles can be chosen in accordance with the theme and colour of the wedding day joda. Below are some adorable bangles are worn by beautiful brides of different region

Bridal Bangles with Names

Bridal bangles are also available with customized names on them. Usually, these bangles are made up of ivory or metal. The Punjabi/Sikh brides wear the set of choodas that are gifted by the maternal uncle and are white and red in colour. In a modern way, these choodas are given a grand look as they are decorated with gemstones and diamonds. These choodas are customized by the names of both bride and groom on each hand respectively.

Bridal Glass bangles set

Bridal glass bangles are available in a variety of colours. These bangles are simple in look and worn by women in routine life too. brides wear glass bangles in colors that suit their attire. Bridal Glass bangles are also worn by Maharashtrian brides especially of green colour and are worn in odd numbers on both hands.

Stonework Bangles Set

Stonework Bangles are available in couch shells or precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds, and rubies. These Bangles are either customized as per traditional jewellery for the bride or are made separately for gifting purposes. These bangles are even available in the form of choodas in which semi-precious stones are crafted.

South Indian style Bridal Ruby Bangles

Ruby bangles are mostly worn by South Indian women. These bangles are made up of gold and studded with rubies that add an extra dazzle to the bride's wrist. South Indians mostly opt for gold jewelry and hence these rubies are even studded in thick Kada or Thadaval'' which are thick bangles paired with thin bangles .

Fancy Bridal Bangles

Fancy bridal bangles are choodas or bangles made up of semi-metal and stones that just suit the bride's attire. These bangles are available in many colours and are even customized as in many birds and animal sculptures on the bangles like peacocks, elephant, sets

Kundan Bangles

Kundan Bangles are essentially worn by Bengali brides. Kundhans are encrusted into bangles that are made up of gold, platinum, or silver. They are even accustomed to precious and semi-precious stones

Bridal Diamond Bangles

Diamonds are marked as the most precious of stones and when added to bangles they increase their value to the maximum. Diamonds are prettier in platinum jewelry. Diamond bangles are worn with silver chooda. A heavy range of choodas that are worn by Punjabi brides consist of diamonds and precious stones

Silk thread bangles

Silk thread bangles are a plain set of bangles that are wrapped up in colorful threads. They are topped up with shining beads, mirrors, stones, pearls, and other embellishments. These bangles are selected by the bride to wear on different occasions for her wedding

Wrapping up!

Bridal bangles are available now in different shapes, sizes, colours, patterns, and materials. There are even customized bangles available for the bride that give a stunning look with her lehenga and give more style options to make her wedding day the best. Millions of customized options are available at Bhama Emporio bridal bangles set. India is a country of different traditions, hence the brides from all corners wear different kinds of bangles whether diamond, gold, silver, gem-studded or simple plastic.

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