Mesmerizing Bridal accessories for a Christian bride on her wedding day

Mesmerizing Bridal accessories for Christian bride on her wedding day

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Hey, brides!. A bridal look with accessories will make your look prettier even if worn in minimal amounts. Any of them in the case shouldnt go missing, which makes the game go wrong. Having a full-fledged bridal accessory will not only prevent you from missing any details but will give a clear view of what work is done and which is left.

From shoes to head accessories, there are quite a few bridal accessories which are very delicate; yet, makes the Christian bridal look fairy in thousands. As the wedding checklist is important, so are the bridal accessories. Here are a few bridal accessories that are available at Bhama Emporio and you can buy them right now!

The crucial bridal accessories list Jewellery

The most important bridal accessory that you will surely wear on your wedding day is your neck set ,engagement ring or wedding band. However, there are certain things that should surely go up against the best with the dress. A necklace on an off-shoulder dress goes perfect rather than with a detailed neckline. Dont go with too much jewellery on gowns, as it makes the look messier and chooses to wear one or two unique pieces to really shine.

Hair accessories Veil

There are a lot of options, especially with someone with long and lustrous hair; or if not, brides simply have a pretty look on the wedding day whatever they wear. The traditional veil, of course; is the most important in the Christian wedding. A long cathedral veil, medium length veil or a short veil or even a blusher, are the choices when it comes to a veil.


A wreath or sans veil complements your wedding gown and looks the best fit on any kind of gown. Flower made accessories when worn on hair, make the bride look elegant.

There are many hair accessories that glam up your looks such as crystal headbands, hairpins, tiaras, clips, combs, barrettes or bun wraps. Or if you are looking for a modern plus vintage touch, then surely opt for a hairstyle with crystal pearls.


Gloves are a tradition in Christian weddings just as veils. If a bride opts for a vintage look, then she should surely accessorize with gloves. These gloves come in various lengths from wrist to elbow. It comes in various fabric materials such as satin, cotton or even made lace or crochet. Be sure that if you are wearing gloves on your wedding day, you will need to remove them during the ring ceremony.Gloves that are customized in fingerless lace material, give a unique look and are a great option during ring ceremony as they need not be removed.


A bridal bouquet for a Christian bride isnt just an accessory but has much importance than that. As per the ancient traditions, its believed that the when the bride carries a floral bouquet with her, it helps to protect her and ward off any evil spirts that would be after the bride. At Bhama, we have beautiful collections of bridal bouquets that any and every bride would love to carry it on her big day. We have all kinds of bouquets from hanging ones and many other varieties. With brides opting for bouquets in colors we do have them too Red, Lilac, White. With these bouquets from us, we know that you will feel more special on your big day.

Photo Shoot Props

Pre-wedding shoots are totally in these days. The wedding dates are now announced by couples, either by sending save the date cards or by having a pre-wedding shoot by holding some props. Bhama Emporio has some good and cool props that will surely turn your pre-wedding shoot into a fun and romantic one

Wedding crown

Whether its a casual day or your wedding day, a girl deserves to feel like a queen. Bridal crowns for weddings that are featured with crystals, pearls or gold florals, will make you feel royal on your big day. If you are going to wear a wedding crown, try to avoid heavy accessories. Wearing a crown and carrying off dramatic accessories on your ball gown or A-line or drop-waist gown. Additionally, the wedding crown looks great on any hairstyle whether it high elaborated twists or look, sleek and wavy locks.


The most important part of wedding accessories for a bride is the shoes. The shoes come in varied forms from high heels. You need to select which one fits your dress or gown perfectly. The prior thing is comfort while selecting wedding shoes along with the wedding venue and style..

Wedding Ring tray

An engagement ring tray or an engagement platter is a wedding accessory that you cannot do without on your wedding day. It is as important as your wedding ring, as it adds loads of attraction to your presentation. Wedding ring trays are available in many options from seashells to one exotic flowers. Additionally, the wedding ring tray marked with hashtags or initials can add enough to tweak personalization in wedding celebrations.


Christian weddings are known for their unique ceremonies, rituals and traditions. BhamaEmporio is a one-stop-shop whether its your wedding outfit, wedding accessories, return gifts or dcor items for theme inspirations. Come, visit us and make your special day worth it!