Precious Return gifts as a memory of your occasion

Precious Return gifts as a memory of your occasion

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Indian weddings are especially known for their traditions, rituals, and wedding gifting. Being a less known custom earlier, many Indian families have adapted it and started including wedding return gifts or thanking gifts to give the honourable guests who have taken their precious time and come to bless the young couple.

Significance of Return gifts

Return gifts hold a special memory in the heart of the person gifted. The gift should be so unique and useful that the person remembers it, whenever they use it. During the early days, it was a majestic task to give gifts to the guests who appeared at the wedding and only royal families could afford it. However, now it has become a trend, as even normal families give the smallest thing as a memory to the guest as a gesture of thankfulness.

Over many years, the gifting market for weddings has also gone through extreme changes. As years went ahead, the cost for return gifts along with the quality varied and now the families not only give gifts to the relatives and people who appeared at the wedding but the one who is invited.

Precious Return gifts as a memory of your wedding

Return gifts are now given with the invitation cards. Many couples search and spend hours to find a perfect wedding return gift and are left confused as to which gift might look unique or either one unappreciated.

In our article, we have listed some unique and budget-friendly wedding gifts that will surely help to lessen confusion!

Potli Bags

There are a variety of Potli Bags that come in various colours and materials. The fabrics are velvet, cotton, jute or satin and the colours depend upon the material. The extra spark is added to the Potlis when zarikarigari work or zari piping in various shapes is carved on it. These Potlis bags come in traditional as well as the modern plus vintage look, which is perfect as a return gift item. It adds a glamor, when carried on some occasion matched with a dress or used by keeping essentials like jewelry into it.

Jewelry Pouches

Jewelry boxes are the favorite segment of weddings as a return gift. It comes in a complete shape and helps the guests to take their wedding favors back home. Jewelry boxes come in unique and classy wooden or paper gift packs and can be customized as per the clients requirement. The boxes can also be classified with partitions inside so that jewelry doesnt tangle. These boxes can be assembled by having a wedding logo on the top or in accordance to the theme.

Banana fibre boxes

Banana fibre boxes give a slightly different look than any other gift. They give a happy and sustainable look while being gifted in weddings. It is the best eco-friendly gift especially spent for Pujas and eco-friendly due to being made up of palm leaves.

Bronze items

The precious gifts during weddings make them perfect when they are valuable enough. Traditional gifting of bronze items during weddings such as bronze plates, bowls, crafted pooja thali, diya holder, pot or bottle etc gives a rich instinct. These metallic items are much worthy and are given to the families of the bride and groom. Certain families who follow old customs, give bronze
kitchenware to the brides.

Etikoppaka Items

Etikoppaka is a small village located on the banks of river Varaha in Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh. It is renowned for its crafted wooden toys and fancy items that are popularly known as EtikopakkaBommalu ''. These handmade items and toys represent joy when gifted to loved ones as a keepsake. Each item of Etikoppaka from manufacturing to usage tells the story of green. They are simple yet ecological and stylistic at the same time.

German Silver/Pure Silver

Pure silver items for wedding return gifts are sober and worthy gifts to give. These gifts are specially suggested for relatives and close ones appearing in certain ceremonies. Silver is a traditional and fortunate product that brings peace and harmony when gifted. There are many silver ranges such as dinnerware, shagun coins embedded with God/Goddess images on them, decorative items, luxurious showcases, silver bowls, plates, cutlery pieces

Tote Bags

Traditional printed tote bags just glams up! It is usually very easy to carry and is designed keeping in mind the latest ongoing fashion. The traditional and modern embroidered tote bags, artworks from Rajasthan, and animals and birds printed just glams up when carried for weddings and festive parties.

Complementary Items

Some weddings are budget-friendly or just completed under fewer people due to certain circumstances but none of the rituals or traditions is left incomplete. Some decorative yet fancy items such as trays, handmade envelopes, kumkum holders, kumkum boxes, sindoor boxes, and bangles, can be used as a giveaway. Additionally, saree covers, handy paper bags and more such items also add value when gifted. This section surely suits the requirement for those who have a closed group wedding, budget-friendly or there are hundreds on the list!


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