The Curious Tale of South Indian Christian Wedding Gowns

Do you know a really cool thing about India? Our weddings are whatever we want them to be. This is especially true when it comes to Christian weddings in south India. Case in point, the Christian wedding gown. It has arrived and it is here to stay, just like so many alien traditions that India has been so open to assimilating in itself.

From what weve noticed, there has never been a time before when Christian bridal gowns have sold like they were hot cakes. But that didnt happen all of a sudden. It has been a slow transition, owing to what a wonderful amalgam of Indian and European elements a south India Christian wedding is.

With the deep influence of the Christian culture on the people of south India, elements of western cultures have slowly become a part of India itself. This blog post discovers what magic these weddings are and why the Christian wedding gowns have arrived.

Wedding Gowns are Taking over South Indian Christian Weddings, Heres why!

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The Essence of a South Indian Christian Wedding
Its a Festival of Clothing Traditions
If you live in the south of India, you already know what a clothing galore a Christian wedding is. But if it is your first rodeo, you need to know that a riot of colours and styles will be swarming around you. The dress preferences of the region, especially Andhra are eclectic.

There is this perpetual penchant for wearing your best silk sarees. The bridesmaids may go ahead and match the colour and style or not. The groom usually goes for a tux or the evergreen suit.

White is NOT the Rule of Thumb
While there is a remarkable number of brides who choose white as their colour for the big day, it is not a mandate. White, though considered as a symbol of purity and piety, can at times be overlooked in a colourful nation like India. And that is so much so that even Christian wedding gowns can be seen in colours like pink, peach, and even red.

But we do agree to the rule that if the bride wears white, other ladies desist.
The Saree is Here to Stay
There is no arguing with the saree. The saree has been around forever, and to some Christian brides, is the idea of a bridal dress. These can also be in white or, in fact, any colour you like in silks, satins, georgettes, & lace, you name it. The saree, my dears, is not going anywhere.

But well, again, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to what the bride chooses to wear. The saree is extremely popular but not the only choice.

The Gown Is the Extra Charm (that Every Bride Wants)
Of late, wedding gowns have made a big arrival. Why? Because every bride wants to look extra special. And because christian wedding gowns are more easily available than they used to be a decade ago. In short, now you have a choice to add that extra bridal charm for not so much cost as you may have had to shell before.
So, just as in sarees, even the best of bridal gowns may not be white always. And there are a host of styles that are way too popular to ignore once you enter a bridal shop. Ball gowns, off-shoulder gowns, fish gowns, trail gowns, and even mini gowns if you like, there is something for every Christian bride.
Veils Are a Choice, So Are the Rings
Speaking in terms of European Christian weddings, a wedding gown is incomplete without a veil to go with it. Well, not so much in the Indian context. This one here is very flexible. Some brides may wear a veil even with a saree, and some may not wear it even with a gown, though it is likely that most brides will. In short, Christian brides are free to choose their accessories.

Rings, in south Indian Christian weddings, contrary to what one may believe, are not elemental to weddings. Just like north Indian weddings, theyre just an added charm and may be exchanged in a separate engagement ceremony and not necessarily during the wedding ceremony.

The same goes with the bouquet. You can carry one or not because as the bride and groom leave after the ceremony, the only custom is that the audience showers them with flower petals and rice. The throwing of the bouquet among the bridesmaids is not so much a thing.

The garlands are a popular tradition though. Consider them as one of the necessary accessories. Exchange of garlands is done with much love and enthusiasm. This is why the garlands are chosen with great zeal. Theyll be on you in most of your wedding pictures. So, they need to be amazing.
Thali Is the Real Deal
So, rings are not the real deal, but Thali is. Thali is the wedding chain that the groom puts around the brides neck. It is usually a gold chain with a cross pendant in it. That, now, is one of the things that solemnise a south Indian Christan wedding. And, mind you, consider it the most important Christian wedding accessory the bride will look forward to wearing.

The Guests Get As Colourful As they May
When it comes to what the family and guests wear, it too is a riot of traditional and western styles. There are sarees, cocktail dresses, mini dresses, gowns of all kinds, suits and even traditional andhra dresses for men.

Expect a lot of colour, though. Were a colourful people in a charismatic state and we like to keep it interesting.

So, Are Christian Weddings & Bridal Gowns a Match Made in Heaven?
Of course! Whats a wedding without all the feels? No one can deny that the bride needs to stand out of the crowd. The saree being the staple garment in the south of India, odds are that so many women would be wearing a saree at your wedding. The christian bridal gown, in this case, does help you stand apart and get all the wedding feels you need.

Would you like to choose a Christian bridal gown for your wedding? Wed love to know.